do the politicians think i’m trans for just kicks n giiggles? do they think that i’m doing it for attention? i hate attention. everyone in my life knows that. i do everything i possibly can to deter it.
why does everyone think being trans is weird??? i certainly don’t…. like at all?? “pEoPLE cAn T ChaANgE tHeiR gENdEr” like???? i don’t think of it like that…. people are just people. if they appear a little different than what people would usuaally label them,, it’s just… a person??????? oooo so scary … you have to eradicate them from daily life!!! oooOOOoOo
you’d be surprised how many trans kids are at my school, there’s several dozen… i pretty much know them all. i told a friend what a deadname was and he was like…. so why would i need to know that??? like?? trans ppl exist and you kNOW you’re talking to one of them.
I have geniunely removed every bit of lgbtqia stigma i have in my brain. me n a friend were talking about homophobia and she was talking about how once in middle shcool, she n her friends were talking abt celebrity crushes and she mentioned a female celebrity and then my friend paused, and i had just was like ????? what??? why wou–OOOOOOOOH YEAH THATS GAY IM SO SORRY!!!! it legit took me a second to realize the reason her “friends” were disgusted was because it was a female celebrity like?????? why??? why would anyone be disgusted or have any negative emotion abt someone not being straight like???? it doesn’t matter??? at all??????